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Thursday 11 June 2020

Pre iscrizioni entro Sunday 15 March 2020, Invio abstract entro Wednesday 6 May 2020



54th CONGRESS First Circular 

Rome June 11th -14th, 2020

Faculty of Architecture - Valle Giulia


Forest vegetation

Mountain vegetation Interactions between Vegetation Science Taxonomy, Biosystematics, Biogeography

Critical interpretation of the Euro-veg-checklist

Italian contribution for the Habitat directive Manual improvement.

1st Circular

Call for lectures and posters

The 54th Congress of the Italian Society of Vegetation Science 2020 will be held in Rome in the Faculty of Architecture and will cover a

rangeof different topics. Some of these will be of particular applicative interest, e.g. those concerning the contribution of Vegetation Science

in problems related to forest management, 42/93 EEC Directive habitats interpretation and green infrastructures planning and design.

A part of the Congress will be dedicated to the interactions between vegetation Science and complementary disciplines such as Floristics,

Taxonomy and Biosystematics. A specific session will be dedicated to the critical interpretation of the EuroVegChecklist four years after its

first publication. The phytosociological description and classification of vegetation will be focused on two habitats both particularly sensitive

and vulnerable to climate change: Forest communities and high-altitude vegetation. A free session will allow participants to present the

results of their research on topics other than those indicated as the main ones of the Congress.

We hope to see you in Rome, The Organizing Committee


  • −  Forest vegetation; High-altitude vegetation

  • −  Critical interpretation and new proposals for the Manual of European Union Habitats

  • −  Vegetation Science and Green infrastructures

  • −  New assessments of the ecological and biogeographic value of diagnostic species in

    the light of new knowledge from taxonomy, biosystematics and phylogeography

  • −  Critical interpretation of EuroVegChecklist with possible new syntaxonomical

    proposals for the Italian high-rank syntaxa

  • −  Free session

  • −  Poster session

    The official languages for lectures are English and Italian.

    Power point presentations and posters must be in English as well as the abstracts.

    Scientific Committee:

    Alicia Teresa Acosta, Marina Allegrezza, Silvia Paola Assini, Simonetta Bagella, Marco Caccianiga,

    Romeo Di Pietro, Anna Rita Frattaroli, Daniela Gigante, Riccardo Guarino, Dmitar Lakusic,

    Ladislav Mucina, Leonardo Rosati, Massimo Terzi, Jean-Paul Theurillat, Daniele Viciani, Wolfgang Willner.

    Organizing Committee:

    Romeo Di Pietro (romeo.dipietro@uniroma1.it), Antonio Luca Conte, Piera Di Marzio,

    Paola Fortini, Duilio Iamonico, Francesca Perrone, Elisa Proietti.


    Piera Di Marzio and Duilio Iamonico (sisv54.2020@gmail.com)


Opening of registration 15 February 2020

Abstract submission - 15 February 2020 - 06 May 2020

Final date for early bird registration with reduced fees - 15 March 2020


All the information about SISV 2020 Congress in Rome will be available on SIVS web site


Registration fees, please download first circular (click here)

The registration fee for each participant (ordinary and student) covers:

lunches and coffee/tea-breaks; meeting pack with programme.

The registration
fee for accompanying persons (consider only partners and/or children), covers:

lunches and coffee/tea-breaks during the Meeting.

The additional fee for the meeting excursions covers:

lunch, transport from/to Rome center. The Social Dinner will be held on Friday evening 12th June.



Sapienza Università di Roma 

Faculty of Architecture (Plexus of Valle Giulia)

Via Gramsci 53, Roma


On Saturday, June 13th there will be the half-day excursion on the Mountains of the NE sector of the

Rome countryside (Tiburtini, Lucretili and Cornicolani mountains). We will leave at 13:00 and return at

about 19:00, depending on traffic and other events. A lunch bag will be provided. Although weather is

unpredictable it is probable that in that period we will have dry and warm conditions; in any case

bringing a rain coat is convenient. Hiking shoes will be enough. The excursion difficulty will be low. We

will visit different sites during this excursion which will concern different evergreen and deciduous Forest

Habitats as well deciduous thermophilous shrublands and microwoods dominated by Carpinus orientalis,

Pistacia terebinthus and Styrax officinalis.

FULL-DAY EXCURSION (Sunday, June 14th)

On Sunday, June 14th a full-day excursion on the montane belt of the Aurunci Mountains (southern

Lazio) is programmed. This excursion will be carried out only if a number of at least 30 participants will

be reached. We will leave at 07:30 and return at about 19:00, depending on traffic and other events.

For those who travel by train there will be the possibility of not returning to Rome at the end of the

excursion but leaving directly from the Formia railway station around 17:00. Those who will decide to

return to Rome will be dropped off at the "Anagnina" metro station while those who have to take an

evening flight will be brought directly to the airports of Ciampino (CIA) and Fiumicino (FCO).During this

excursion we will follow an altitudinal transect that will give the opportunity to observe the extraordinary

variety of vegetation types occurring on the coastal limestone massif of the Aurunci Mountains, From

the Lygeo-Stipetea grasslands of the basal belt to Quercetea ilicis and Rosmarinetea Mediterranean

maquis and garrigue of the colline belt, to the Festuco-Ononidetea montane dry grasslands

rich-in-chamaephytes dominated by amphi-Adriatic or Italian endemic species such as Salvia officinalis,

Lomelosia crenata, Cytisus spinescsns, Koeleria splendens, Globularia meridionalis, Onosma echioides,

Phleum ambiguum, Avenula praetutiana, Stipa dasyvaginata subsp. appenninicola, Festuca inops, F.

stricta subsp. trachyphylla, F. circummediterranea, Plantago holosteum, Sesleria juncifolia, S. nitida,

Thymus striatus, Veronica barrelieri, Viola pseudogracilis, ...to the submontane and montane Quercus

ilex, Ostrya carpinifolia and Fagus sylvatica forests. The excursion can be considered of medium

difficulty so trekking shoes are recommended.

How to reach the site of Congress

The Faculty of Architecture “Valle Giulia” of the University of Rome Sapienza Congress is located in the

city center of Rome, it is not far from the main Rail Stations (“Termini”, and “Tiburtina”) and it is

adjacent to Historic Villa “Borghese”. The “Flaminio-Piazza del Popolo” station of the Line A of the Rome

underground railway network provides the most convenient access by public transport from the main

Rome Rail Station, i.e. “Termini”. Bus and taxi can be considered for the trasfer from “Fiumicino” and

“Ciampino” airports. See below for details.


From Fiumicino (FCO) Airport

Public transport lines: take the train “Leonardo Express” (line: Fiumicino Airport-Roma Termini Station).

When you are in the Termini railway station Take the Metro A, with direction “Battistini” for 4 stops, and

get off at “Flaminio-Piazza del Popolo” stop. Walk along Flaminia street for about 20 m and take Tram

no. 2 with direction: “P.za di Porta Maggiore” for 5 stops. Get off in “Museo Arte Moderna” stop [a single

ticket (cost 1.50€) and you can use it for both the Metro and the tram].

In total the trip from Fiumicino Airport to the site of the Congress will take about 70 minutes for a costof 10–17€.

Taxi: It will take about 40 minutes and the cost is about 48€.

From Ciampino (CIA) Airport

Public transport lines: Take Bus no. 520 and get off at the stop “Tuscolana/Cinecittà”. Walk along

Tuscolana street (about 300 m) and take the Metro A at “Subaugusta” stop with direction of “Battistini”

of 17 stops and get off in “Flaminio-Piazza del Popolo” stop. Then follow the same indications already

provided for the trip from Fiumicino Airport. In total, from Ciampino Airport to the site of the Congress it

will take about 70 minutes with a cost of 1.50€ (a single ticket for both the bus, the Metro A, and the tram).

Taxi: It will take about 30-40 minutes and the cost is about 30€.


Public transport lines: Take the metro A at “Termini” stop with direction “Battistini” for 4 stops and get

off at “Flaminio-Piazza del Popolo” stop. Walk along Flaminia street for about 20 m and take Tram no. 2

with direction: “P.za di Porta Maggiore” for 5 stops. Get off at “Museo Arte Moderna” stop. It’s about 20

minutes trip and the cost is 1.50€ (a single ticket for both the Metro and the tram).

Taxi: about 1015 minutes trip and the cost is 10–15€.