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Plant Sociology numero 49 (2)

pag. 49-58: Hymenostylio recurvirostri-Pinguiculetum poldinii ass. nova in the Valbrenta ravines (Venetian Prealps): a new palaeoendemic plant association belonging to the class Adiantetea Br.-Bl. 1948

L. Giovagnoli & S. Tasinazzo

¹Via Orione 14, 36055 Nove (VI)
²Via Gioberti 6, 36100 Vicenza (VI)

doi: 10.7338/pls2012492/03

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The paper presents some new remarkable findings of Pinguicula poldinii in the ravines and canyons of the Valbrenta (Venetian Prealps). The stands of this rare species are distributed along an unglaciated characteristic area which preserves important endemisms. The consistence, composition and ecology of the proposed new endemic phytocoenosis Hymenostylio recurvirostri-Pinguiculetum poldinii, belonging to Adiantion, are evaluated by means of 12 relevés. The role of ravines and canyons located into refuge massifs of southeastern Alps during the Last Glacial Maximum, where calciphilous species survived, is shown out.


Adiantion, Pinguicula poldinii, preglacial relicts, ravines, Venetian Prealps