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Plant Sociology 54 (1) S1 2017

pag. 103-110: Bridging nature and human priorities in ecological rehabilitation projects - a show case from Mediterranean environment - Qattine, Lebanon

J. Fenianos1,4, C. Khater2, J. Viglione3, D. Brouillet4

1ASE - SARL - Jdeideh - Lebanon.

2Center for Remote Sensing - National Council for Scientific Research Lebanon. Bir Hassan - BP 11-8281 Riad El Solh, Beirut - Lebanon.

3EcoMed - Tour Méditerranée - 65, av. Jules Cantini - 13298 MARSEILLE cedex 20 - France.

4University Paul Valéry, Laboratoire Epsylon, Montpellier, 34199 - France.

doi: 10.7338/pls2017541S1/13

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The rehabilitation of quarries is an environmental issue where different parameters should be taken into consideration. In reality, few approaches are put in practice and many are yet to be discovered. When proposing new approaches and techniques, we often face psychological resistance from stakeholders mainly due to their prejudgemental perceptions. This paper showcases the development of an ecological rehabilitation scheme on the basis of a baseline assessment and an ecological screening. This leads to the suggestion of a concept called “Across the Wild Rocks” while land owner’s perception was rather directed towards the classical scenario of terracing and orchards plantation. This paper presents the analytical methodology and describes the rehabilitation concept converging between a hierarchical organization of priorities. We conclude by saying that relying on social sciences to increase cognitive flexibility might lead to a better acceptance of new techniques while reducing psychological resistance.


cognitive flexibility, ecological rehabilitation, Lebanon, psychological resistance, quarries