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Plant Sociology numero 55 (1)

pag. 31-44: Bryophytic vegetation of fragile and threatened ecosystems: the case of the Mediterranean temporary ponds in inland Central Italy

S. Poponessi1, M. Aleffi2, F. Maneli1, R. Venanzoni1 & D. Gigante1

1Department of Chemistry, Biology and Biotechnology, University of Perugia, Italy.

2School of Biosciences and Veterinary Medicine, Plant Diversity & Ecosystems Management Unit, Bryology Laboratory & Herbarium, University of Camerino, Italy.

doi: 10.7338/pls2018551/03

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The first overview of the bryophytic vegetation of the Mediterranean temporary ponds in Umbria region is reported. Phytosociological relevés were carried out in a scattered system of ephemeral pools, where seasonal fluctuation in the water level is the main driving factor. By applying Braun-Blanquet's approach to sample the bryo-communities and multivariate analysis tools to analyse data, the identification of some bryophyte communities was possible, one of which is here described as new association. It is Entosthodono fascicularidis-Archidietum alternifolii ass. nova, referable to the class Psoretea decipientis. The other bryo-communities have been framed into the classes Cladonio digitatae-Lepidozietea reptantis, Ceratodonto purpurei-Polytrichetea piliferii and Psoretea decipientis again.


biodiversity, conservation, habitat 3170*, moss vegetation, phytosociology